Capital Development Authority
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CDA Ordinance 1960
"An Ordinance to establish a Capital Development Authority"

Capital Development Authority (CDA) was established on June 14, 1960, first by an executive order issued on June 24, 1960 entitled the Pakistan Capital Regulation, to be superseded by the CDA Ordinance issued on June 27, 1960.

The CDA Ordinance constituted the authority, laid down its charter and defined its power, duties, functions and responsibilities.

Objective of the Ordinance Firstly, planning and development of Capital (Islamabad), secondly completing or authorizing Capital Development Authority to perform functions of a Municipal Committee and to provide for cleanliness, health, education of inhabitants, supply of goods, articles of food and mild, to promote interest of different sections of public. All provisions are for advancing interest and public good.

Capital Development Authority being a statutory body is expected to deal with citizens fairly, and honestly and conduct its all actions transparently.

Copy of CDA Ordinance 1960 can be downloaded here:

  CDA Ordinance 1960
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