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Art & Craft Village Islamabad
Potohari - The Art & Craft Village

The "Potohari" - Art & Craft Village has been constructed on 26 acres of area with the view to promote the indigenous arts and handicrafts and to enhance the inter-provincial harmony.
The Arts & Crafts Village is equipped with exhibition hall, clusters of shops, studios for the artists, tea shops, show rooms, folk theatre and hostel for the visiting artisans.

The Arts & Craft village is providing an opportunity to the artisans and artists not only from the different area of country but also serving as a hub of cultural activities for the South Asian Region.

The Art & Craft Village

Facilities at "Potohari - The Art & Craft Village"

  • Craft Shops - Crafts by genuine artisans from all over Pakistan
  • Exhibition Hall Art Gallery - Art and Craft exhibitions
  • Design Center - Research and Development Center. Preservation, Promotion of Crafts
  • Artists Retreat / Studios - "Live in" artist accommodation for visiting artists to work and interact with the local artists/ artisans
  • Student Hostel - Accommodation for students working on specific dissertation work
  • Amphitheatre - Performing Arts
  • Open Air entertainment - Wandering Minstrels/Performers from all over Pakistan
  • Children - Friendly Play Areas
  • Regional Food Courts
  • Special Events - Regular monthly events for families
  • Sarai - Artisans Hostels/ Kitchen for visiting artisans
  • Environmentally responsible Park Areas
  • Chai Khanas

Contact Us:

1 Shakarparian Complex
Garden Avenue, Islamabad
Ph : 92-51-9208918, FAX : 92-51-9208919
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