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Internship Program CDA


  1. Only e-applications may be submitted before closing date i.e., August 18th, 2023. Application form can be accessed at the following link:
  2. Applicants with consistently excellent academic record shall be shortlisted. Percentage marks obtained in SSC, HSSC and Bachelors or equivalent shall be given corresponding weightage from thirty (30) marks each i.e., total ninety (90) marks.
  3. Name of shortlisted candidate for interview will be uploaded on CDA website with details guidelines.
  4. Ten (10) marks will be allocated for interview. Candidates with highest marks in order of merit will be considered for offer of Internship.
  5. Duration of Internship is 6 months. Monthly stipend @ Rs. 60,000/- will be paid (Taxes shall apply).
  6. The internship is neither offer of appointment nor shall confer any right of employment/regularization etc. Thus interns will only be entitled to lump-sum stipend mentioned above and will be governed by rules of CDA with regard to disciplinary matters and confidentiality.
  7. Placement, assigning of duties, and termination etc. of internship shall be at the discretion of CDA. However, Interns can also request for termination of internship on 15 days notice in writing but internship completion certificate shall not be awarded in such cases.
  8. For any query, please email at
(Abdul Rauf Khan)
Director Information Technology(IT), CDA.